Sunday, January 25, 2009


My friends are so funny......this is what was sent to me. Rawr. LOL.

You may have a bit of time on your hands today, allowing you to wander back down memory lane. Even if you revisit times and places that were not so great, now you have a chance to reframe these past experiences and see what happened in a new light. Finding a positive aspect to a difficult phase can be a very important first step toward forgiving and moving beyond an old emotional wound.

I always stick my fingers in holes....Not a good thing to say.

This is something to check out......AMAZING

Its called Cushnie Et Ochs


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  1. oooh! i really like these runway photos! so simple but so effective.
    thanks for adding me to your blog! you should get bloglovin! then i'll add you to my blogroll!



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