Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ode to Alexa

When I saw Alex for New Look, I was utterly inspired. She always looks so fresh & has such great edge, without begin too overstyled! Gawd I love that turquoise bead necklace.
Love it.

PC:s New Look
Via FashionChat


  1. She is a real natural beauty and 'en plus' she has a style sense that is very rare for a girl of her age !
    I try to get my daughter look at her and take inspiration and now she will pose for NL, India (my daughter) will love her too !

  2. shes so gorgeous, its really unfair.
    i've just come back from a holiday in france and i am a big fan of glamour magazine and i study french and when i bought french glamour in france, there was a free suplement by new look with those photos in!
    i really love that striped top shes wearing, its far to gorgeous and for £6! :O

  3. Oh she has such great hair too, I love it that she has this edge and doesnt come over too pretty and too matchy matchy! xoxo

  4. she's just gorgeous and I like her style. everybody simply love her! :--D


  5. thankyou for the comment :)
    yes i still would love to be invited to lookbook :]
    what is your invite code?

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  7. thanks so much for posting! i love your blog! this pics are so great inspiration!

    xoxo J&J



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