Friday, June 25, 2010

SS2011 Menswear

This is my first menswear post ever. I personally look at mens clothing and think about how I myself would wear it. There's plenty of menswear that if it came in my size i'd easily rock it.
I've never based a guys appearance on how they dress, what brands they wear, for me its how they carry themselves....Having said that some of this shit is bananas. I really am feelin denim jackets for men alla Adam Kimmel & Dries Van Notten above. Love how dries incorporated the tie dye trend that is oh so prominent in womenswear these days into their menswear. Hadda throw a Rick Owens in there too.

Adam Kimmel (1,2,3), rick owens (4), louis vuitton (5&6), dries van notten(7,8,9)
via Style.Com

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for posting some menswear. The vutton hood is my favorite out of all of them.



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