Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall Ahead

With this weekend being kind of the unofficial last weekend of summer for so many people, and being the weekend that marks the "no more wearing white" rule (which of course I would never follow) I feel like I should embrace the sweltering heat that still lingers in NY, paint my nails hot pink one last time, and dress for BBQ's, pool parties, fun in the sun....I so enamored with all the new fall shit out. I'm always into blacks, grays, dark colors, dark nails, all year long, I am a dark bitch. I am ready to FALL AHEAD!
Here my in between summer fall inspiration......

Via Fashion Copious, cartoon styles, ...lookcloser, little plastic horses, ilovewildfox


  1. I just came back from getting my nails done, lol...I chose OPI: William Tell Me About OPI...really it!! And the patterns in the third pic too!

  2. my nails done..YES...its very similiar to Linkin Park After Dark...I LOVE IT!! Ill show you in my outfit post tomorrow, lol



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